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Sasa has a customer paying 50 thousand US dollars prepayment, and now the goods have been ready for two months and she needs to contact the customer to ship, but can not find him with the phone not picked up and the mail not returned, but fortunately these goods can be returned and sold to other customers. But she was afraid that after the goods are sold, the customer would send money to ask for the goods. If he knows that the goods have been sold, she must be embarrassed and more things will happen. Sasa is so anxious that she doesn’t know what to do.

Originally, she has received the advance payment. The person who is in worry should be the customer but now why is it reversed?

First of all, we need to learn the payment method and time of the balance agreed by Sasa with the customer.

If it has expired, the customer still does not reply and does not pay, according to the practical experience, it’s not strange for the customer not to be worried in that the market changes, the exchange rate risk, the end customer does not finalize the order, the consignee is tight but the delivery time is loose, causes from the customer his own or the bankruptcy of the company. There are also some countries where bank payments are very troublesome, and it may be that national policies have changed. For example, some Iranian products are banned overnight and are not allowed to be imported. For the guests, they can only choose to abandon the advance payment.

If the goods are not fixed products, it is recommended to first check the contract signed with the customer whether to make an agreement on the situation or the breach of contract. If there is an agreement to operate according to the agreement, find another way at the same time; if the contract is not agreed, you can issue a formal letter for urging money, stating that if the customer does not fulfill the payment obligation within the time limit, your company will immediately terminate the contract after the deadline and express all the rights to pursue the responsibility. Then, when it expires, you can find a way to transfer the discount or sell the freight to other customers. But if you agree shipping the goods first it is more troublesome.

Now the cash is the king, how many salesmen can stay as calm as Taishan when the prepaid goods have been collected and not shipped? Understand the background of the customer, the markets, the political and economic port policy of your countries, and take the initiative to choose several options instead of the daily phone and mail to urge money.

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