Why India matters little for Apple

Huawei has also made a move, and recently, Huawei United has launched “touch” payments,
How APPLE became the first trillion-dollar company in the world

NEW DELHI: Apple reported better than expected revenues of $53.3 billion and profits of $11.5 billion — a jump of 32 per cent — for the April-June quarter. This, despite its sales in India, which contribute only 5.9 per cent of the revenues, falling.

Here’s why India, despite being the world’s second most populous country matters less to the world’s most valuable company:

Your iPhone is not the same as theirs

Apple’s best-selling model in India is the iPhone 6, which is four years old, and not available

for purchase in most markets outside the subcontinent. The model retails for well under Rs 30,000 and, thus, holds less value to Apple.

In contrast, though iPhone’s global sales increased just 1 per cent in the quarter, revenues from sales shot up 20 per cent. That is, Apple is selling more premium phones across the world. The iPhone X, the latest and the most popular model, retails for around $1,000 and upwards in the US (Rs 89,000 for the base model in India, and over Rs 1 lakh for the 256GB variant).

Apple’s best markets are the Americas, Europe, Greater China and Japan — in that order.

Indians like discounts

Unhappy with the discounts retailers are offering, Apple recently reined in on its distribution network, kicking out a few retailers.

Indians aren’t app – friendly

The second best source of income for Apple after iPhone sales is services. This is largely dominated by the revenue it earns on Apple store when you purchase an app, or spend on a game — Apple gets a share of every purchase.

But, less than 10 per cent Indian smartphone users spend on apps.

Meanwhile, Apple moved closer to $1 trillion value after its stock rose by 5.9 per cent on Wednesday, even as China’s Huawei overtook it to become the world’s second largest smartphone seller — despite regulations keeping it out of much of the US market.

Indian are not stupid like rest of world. We prefer value for money then just throwing away your money. Their sales increased only 1% but revenue so much. That means their increased their prices still people bought those stupid phones

Apple matters nothing to India as they get most affordable high spec Mobiles from China 😀 Indian stands for Cheap and Best

It have even better features than I phone, then just for name sake why should I shell out 100,000 when same purpose can be achieved at 20,000.

Why should I make Apple rich just to show off that I have Apple phone.

Mukesh Parekh

That India matters little for Apple does not reflect poorly on either of them. Both have different priorities.

Manoranjan Pradhan

Everyone want free. Not only Indians. We can pay, but not 100000 for a 20000 phone.


Indians are spoilt for choice under a very wide range of price bands of smart phones that is not the case in US. However i Phones are indeed unique though very expensive and are top class in quality.

Godfather Senior

In India, Samsung soar high in sales. It offers equally good or even better ones than Apple products. And that is almost for 1/3rd of Apple”s product! Why go for a luxury when one is more comfortable and at ease with other phone models for less price !


Cheap China smartphones run the roost in India. Apple is a status phone and nothing else


indians like everything free or cheap


apple only sells in developed countries as people have high income their in countries like india along with many asian and African countries were majority of people have low income will not spend money on expensive phone as they can get same benefit on phones which cost 80 percent less than iphone and generally indians are very money minded people they don’t care much about brands they just ho with brand which gives maximum benefit with cheap price .

Ranjan Kumar Indian

As one commentator has rightly put it up here, in fact, Apple doesn”t matter to the Indians. Most of the Indians aren”t flashy. Moreover, India is a good market for only those companies who offer good value for money.

Sei Thee

Apple can not cheat Indians easily and that is why the phones are not going that very well in India. Indians value money and pay for things for its value and worth. Apple wants to make 2000% profit their phones and they will never be successful in India.


It also proves Indians are not fools here practicality matters rsther then brand value iPhones are useless compare to android in multi gadget usages


Apple is mistaken They could not understand the potential of Indian market


Apple is making fool of public for sure. They make profit of 600$ on their cost of 200$. Some fool considering it as status symbol making Apple rich.

Vipul Sharma

We Indians are logical and don”t care what Apple thinks of India It”s better to change phones every year rather than sticking with a phone for many years. Samsung is far better than Apple.


It’s a status phone in India. Nothing else

Best Java Programmer

Apple… I received Appl X as a gift, but dumped it as apple phones require much larger navigation efforts. It is no more a status symbol. Why use Apple phones?


if india matters little for apple we.should resiprocate same to apple by refusing to buy.its products people havingblack money are not goingto die ifthey donotbuy apple.iphone there are equally good phones at a cpmparetively lower rates bhagats of iphone must.carefor india

Tarkeshwar Sarkar

Is Apple going the Nokia way?? Seems yes!! Believe it or not Apple is an over-prized “Mobile Phone” with very less flexibility on App front. Samsung, MI, Huwaie are playing far better with best quality affordable phones. Apple needs to re-visit their policies and get things right. Do you think Steave Jobs may have done the same thing like “Avoiding India”, the fastest growing mobile phone market in world?? Comment with your views.


if india matters little for apple we.should resiprocate same to apple by refusing to buy.its products people havingblack money are not goingto die ifthey donotbuy apple.iphone there are equally good phones at a cpmparetively lower rates bhagats of iphone must.carefor india

Sanjay Sharma

Apple matters little for Indians. look at it like this.

satish kumar

Indian are selling INDIA through smartphone purchase through XIAOMI, IPHONE,SAMSUNG ETC.
India is paying this cost in deficit and rate

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