How will you do if your Internship Is Over?

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Foreign trade newcomers who do not know the product, the market, the process and the skills enter the workplace not long ago. So it is difficult to find customers in a short time and talk about the order.

However, the real problem is that many foreign trade companies now require newly recruited foreign traders to make orders within a certain period of time before they can become regular workers (or they can get wages raised, or are provided with five one insurance fund). Otherwise, they will never get any changes in their treatment or be dismissed directly. Many people expressed their puzzle and dissatisfaction, and felt that newcomers should not be treated like this. However, please stay rational and keep in mind that in this society, no one owes you but only you yourself owe you self-knowledge.

What you are thinking about is your own livelihood while the boss is thinking about the operation of the entire company. We can calculate a sum of money: the company consists of six staff. The average monthly salary for them is 3,500 so the annual salary is 3,500*6*12=252,000 RMB. We count less about venue leasing as 40,000 RMB and neglect the heating and heating fee. The two items alone are 252,000+40,000=292,000 RMB. The future is unknown, and 300,000 is fixed to be spent.

The boss spends 300, 000 years a year but the profit is unknown. If you were the boss, would you not consider rate of return of the cost? Some people say that companies should cultivate their employees. You are wrong. Please put away your innocence. Business is business but not your hot kang in the house which is comfortable for you. People have to live realistically and must have empathy.

In the Internet, I often see some boss say that they have a new company and they are new bosses who are willing to train employees and will never urge employees to make orders. However, I just want to say that you are so rich. But you are not suitable for doing business but suitable for performing crosstalk, bragging and talking jokes. It’s possible for you to become a pauper even if your dad is Li Ka-shing. Because there is only the output but no input, which is not business at all.

Maybe many people will say after seeing this that it is what the corporate boss has brainwashed his employees. Brothers, please, if you want to pretend to be smart but you have to be close to reality. If you were the boss who watches the company spend money every day but fail to get some back, are you not worried? If money is run out, how can I turn over? It’s easy for the new business to develop?

Workplace is the field of interest, you can benefit the boss, the boss will naturally benefit you. Otherwise, you could not work together.

If you want to stay, you must make orders as soon as possible and become a regular worker. What method can help us to achieve this? In fact, the principle is very simple, but to do it. Because each person’s execution and thinking skills are different, the effect is naturally different, but I still hope that newcomers can read this article seriously, find a breakthrough and make orders as early as possible:

Sincerely grasp the existing inquiry

Don’t get caught in the whirlpool of constantly searching for new customers, which is a waste of time and energy.

Control emotions

Be neither humble nor arrogant, properly handle all customer requirements, and let your own life not be affected by the emotions of customers.

Take the initiative to guide customers

Actively guide customers and try to get customers to place orders or sample orders in small batches.

Try to meet the payment conditions provided by customers

Don’t argue for online or offline, public accounts, and Western Union or Paypal.

Make telephone communication at the key moments

When you meet interruption in negotiation deadlock, initiatively call for negotiations and take the initiative to make a deal at the end of the negotiations. You should urge customers to ensure payment of goods or courier fees sent into the account as early as possible.

Pay attention to the multi-directionality of negotiation

Do not unilaterally suppress customers. Negotiation is pulling the boss and the customer’s thoughts together, and then tying the knots so that the two parallel lines become intersecting lines.

Congratulations,you’ve become a regular worker.

don’t get dizzy with success and lose many things because of small things

Look at the samples in person to ensure that there are no problems with the samples and ensure that the samples can bring large orders later.


You will have large orders and old customers soon.

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