When You Are Losing Your Job

Customer Requests Refund Without Returning Goods
Will You Still Be Worried with advance payment

Bill Gates used to say that “Every employee in Microsoft should have be aware that Microsoft will go into liquidation three months later.” Many people consider it as a puzzling thing and they wonder if Bill Gates is afraid of that the prophecy will someday come true. In fact, it’s not like that.


As the saying goes, to stand still is to move back. It reminds us that it’s common for us to meet with setbacks so that we must strive or we fail.

It implies an awareness of unexpected development and every one should possess it, foreign trader is no exception. In foreign trade, our colleagues are also our competitors. After all, leaders love to contrast their employees and attempt to find out if they have the ability to make contributions to the company.

And after hearing Katherine’s feedback, I was enlightened from the blindness with profound understanding.

Katherine got into the saddle with some other persons. And at the very beginning, Katherine didn’t get along well with her colleagues while through Katherine’s efforts and her outstanding ability to communicate, they became close friends. And the friendships won by Katherine through her efforts seemed pretty precious.

It seemed that things were going smooth and just as Katherine was planning for the future with her intimate friends in the company in search of the bright future, the company arranged an examination. It related to the issues of exhibition so Katherine dared not relax and passed the exam successfully. Before Katherine could even delight, she heard that two colleagues of her who were also her intimate friends failed in the exam and got fired, afterwards. And Katherine’s manager who had cultivated her chose to quit the job for this reason.

Katherine was covered with sorrow for her close colleagues and honorific manager left the company. In the company, there was one other salesperson who was good at developing customers apart from Katherine. Therefore, she was highly favoured by the boss and the boss promises to cultivate her to be a supervisor.

Additionally, the new manger wasn’t Katherine’s liking. Katherine begins thinking she was besieged on all sides and felt uneasy and nervous. She started to feel no intention of staying at the company. Katherine had no faith in herself and she supposed that she wasn’t supposed to make any mistake, elsewise, she will be the next person who got fired.

Katherine turns to be overcautious and has doubts about everything she did. She becomes stress-out and has lost the spirit to try her best.

As 2018 came with the environmental protect taxes, the prices of raw materials raised due to a series of chain reaction which also led to nationwide rise in price. Plus there were some fairs round the corner so that some foreign trade companies took measures such as examination to select the salespersons, especially those upcoming salespersons.

As regards Katherine’s lot, I suppose there is no need for her to be overcautious but learn to march forward despite the coming setbacks and pressure. Otherwise, she would only defeated by the era and her foreseeable future like getting fired wasn’t far away from her.

Try to endure the loneliness. Despite those persons displeasing Katherine, she can still chin up and chest out in the company as long as she can be responsible for her occupations and make adequate preparations for the coming fairs.

Besides, since she has possessed the crisis awareness and realized the potential destabilizing factors, she should save for the rainy day and make sure she can escape unscathed even she gets fired instead of being overcautious since it’s last thing foreign traders need to do.

You have no intention of advancing, your rival does. You have no intention of endeavouring, your rival does. You have no idea where the road ahead leads while your rival has advanced triumphantly. Everything may come all of a sudden while it’s also likely to arise slowly. Bear in mind that to stand still is to move back.

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