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Dear Eldin,


First, I want to thank you for what you have done to try to facilitate our cooperative relationship. But I’m sorry that my friends canceled their order of your wall charger A4405  for he is up to other tasks.


Sorry, I’ll join you later.


Sincerely yours,


Recently, Eldin,one of our salesman, has received an email from the customer. In the first place, the customer was ready to place the order while it suddenly told Eldin that the end customer had canceled the order so he would have to give up either.

I suppose that most of you experience this before. Since most of our customers are not the end customers but the middlemen, their choices are actually made by their end customers. It’s pardonable so we must have a correct view of it and make the explanation combining with other elements.

First, we can just take our time for we are clear that the end customer has canceled the order. As a middleman, our customer just submit themselves to their customers’ direction so don’t ever make any complaint. Just show your respect for the choice made by your customer as well as the end customer. Meanwhile, don’t let go of any opportunity to show that the peak season is drawing near and they are likely to lose the chance to occupy the market shares supposing that they don’t place orders asap.

About this, we should act further objective. That’s because we are just trying to describe the objective facts, don’t have your customer sense that you show no respect for their choices.

Referent email:

Dear Nick,


Thank you for your notification. Indeed, it’s a pity that we can’t set up the trade right away. But it’s understandable that there is something even you are unable to control.

I respect your choice. But then again, in consideration of our mutual interest, I suppose I’m obliged to remind you of the recent situation. As the peak season is drawing near, we get loads of orders to deal with, which means that the later you place the order, the later you will get your products. As is known to us that many competitors of you have purchased wall chargers from other Chinese suppliers. There is no doubt that the market shares are going to be occupied.

It’s my pleasure to provide you with high quality services. Do let me know if you have any question.


Best regards,


Afterwards, we shouldn’t lose contact with the customer and just wait patiently and understandingly for the coming of opportunities. Supposing there is any news about charging’ techniques or other aspects, we can send some images or some videos to our customers so as to make a deeper impression.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that we have got to develop customers to the best of our abilities while it’s important for us to analyze the situation and the reasons why customers terminate the order and then show tolerance and understanding to customers.

Perhaps those salespersons who just rush forward will pick up some orders and create performance somehow in the foreign trade but generally those who know to withdraw attach and take cover.

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