What is the overall strength of LDNIO?

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The overall strength of the LDNIO’s product is definitely a very important factor. And the reason why customers will come to the factory to visit our mechanical products is that they hope to see how our machinery can really be what we said and to assure the smooth quality and quantity of production they want.

Therefore, before the arrival of the customer, if it is a product that needs to be demonstrated, it must be practiced in advance, skilled in steps and operations, so as not to be difficult to succeed in time; if it is a product to be inspected, all the experimental equipment must be prepared, and it is also necessary to be proficient in the test process. Really convince customers.

In short, we have to let customer see what he wants to see and make him be satisfied to see it!

Does the customer see the factory really just to see the product? Or will customer place order after seeing a satisfactory demonstration or test?

This is an era of homogenization of products. The products that most suppliers can provide do not have much quality difference (the elite can ignore this paragraph). We make customers satisfied but he maybe very satisfied with his peers at the same time. How will the customer choose?

By price!

Yes, price is also a decisive factor. Most customers choose to visit the factory is not unprincipled, and often based on the price of the initial elimination screening.

Therefore, in these factories to visit, there will be no big gap in prices. This is an era of transparent information, and prices are often at a similar level!

The homogenization is serious, the prices are roughly the same, and it is impossible to make the profits very large. This is the foreign trade situation faced by most foreign trade colleagues, it is very cheating!

If the customer comes to China and encounters this common situation, how should we talk about how to make ourselves stand out? The answer is comprehensive strength!


First of all, the product itself and the price are the important parts of the comprehensive strength. But as mentioned above, most of the product provider products are similar, and the price is almost the same. I want to use these two aspects to determine the customer, unless there are three possibilities:

Monopoly productThe quality of the products is excellent, there are some places that the peers can’t do, but these places can really reduce the cost for the customers or expand the customer’s market.

The price does have an advantage, and the advantage is very large, allowing customers to ignore some other factors. How many manufacturers can achieve these three aspects?

If you can’t do it, that is to say, you don’t have the confidence to win, we need to find extra points in other areas. For our products, we are not totally sure that our customers will see good test results, because many times, when they try their own machines, the process is not so smooth, or leaking, or complete failure, what should we do? Give up?


In fact, unless the three situations mentioned above occur, they tend to make comprehensive decisions most of the time when customers make purchasing decisions. Of course, different products may have different things. I only say traditional industrial products that I have done before.

Therefore, the comprehensive strength or overall evaluation should be what we are pursuing. Regardless of the product, if the product is ok, we can eliminate the same ok counterparts through comprehensive evaluation. If the product is not ok, we can also evaluate it as a comprehensive evaluation. It is better to recover the possibility of turning over a little bit than to give up completely!

I have been talking about comprehensive evaluation. And what are the comprehensive evaluations?

Reception details: Rationality of arrangement and the itinerary and so on. Last time the customer came and went to a peer’s factory, but the peer actually did not prepare anything–the equipment was installed just after customer arrived, they did not have the raw materials so went out and bought. After waiting for two hours, the customer was annoyed and left!

Company layout, staff quality and team performance are the embodiment of the company’s comprehensive strength, raw materials, customers are looking for a long-term cooperation partner; mechanical products customers do not want their suppliers to no longer provide post-service Therefore, the company’s comprehensive strength customers will value, customers will think that this company can certainly develop well and it must be intended to operate for a long time, so dare to place an order.

After-sales service, this is similar to the second point. We always emphasize the product and price. Sometimes we will ignore the later service. For some products, after-sales service is very important. It is also important to dispel this concern, for example, we use Local language services, such as our local customers as proof, we can leave a one-year quality deposit (not recommended), and we can clearly write the agreement.

In fact, the customer will judge whether the supplier will provide perfect after-sales service through the performance of this stage. There is no transaction yet. You carry it like this, and you have got my money? I think this when I make a purchase. By understanding, most customers will think so.

The professionalism of the negotiators. This does not seem to need to say more, if you are a salesman, you should have the quality that salesmen must have; if you are an engineer, then you should be an expert. I remember when the water supply equipment was used, the German customer I translated too slowly, skipped me directly, and communicated with our engineers. Our engineers didn’t understand English at all, but they exchanged pictures, drawn circuit diagrams and so on. After an hour, the German customer tapped the table happily and hugged the engineer. The engineer told me that it is estimated to make a deal! We made it, and our price is much higher than other homes.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are not professional. If you want to find a professional, including ordering now, you must have technology in place. Some of them are relatively unfamiliar. We don’t know what it means sometimes. But when the customer use his hands to express his meaning, engineers may know what he means and get the compliment from the customer.

Cleanliness of workshop and laboratory might be counted by many customers. When I went to a factory inspection with Russian customers, the customer’s brow wrinkled as soon as we entered for there was much soil on the ground and on the equipment, not seeing the gloss of stainless steel at all. The customer did not say a word in the whole process of the visit. When we came out, the quotation of the other party was directly put aside, and it was impossible to cooperate.

Preparation of various materials. The customer will tell us a lot of materials needed before he comes, we must prepared them with good quality and quantity, instead of waiting for the customer to come and prepare, or give the customer the wrong material. It is also mentioned that this is extremely important in our company’s standardization documents.

In short, the products and the price are indeed very important factors, but since the factories customers choose to see are so many, proving that these manufacturers have their own merits, simply in terms of product and price. it may not be so clear to combine other factors to make the best decisions.

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