What if your phone charger order doesn’t make profit?

Customers only ask the price about your phone charging but no orders?
How to make phone charger’s quotation to phone charger’s order?

Salesman who sales charging products tries his best to pick orders on a precondition that they can profit well but it doesn’t always go as the way we want it to be. For a large order, we use all our skills to follow up it and it just gives an ultimatum and ascertain the price. We have to decide if we should cooperate with the customer at such a price.

From a simple calculation, we know that we almost have no profit selling our phone chargers. It’s quite suffering to think whether we should accept or not. It’ll be a waste to give it up but it’s also not that profitable.

Foreign charger traders often face this kind of choice. Let’s consider it from several aspects.

About customers value

It may be very simple for us to understand. Although we won’t profit much, the customer is rather valuable. For instance, if it’s a famous customer in the industry or a sample customer or a customer from the world-renowned enterprise, we must cooperate with them even if we can’t profit from it.

For instance, with the permission of the customer, we are able to inform our other peers that we are the supplier of this customer and we supply the main charging products.

About confidence value

It refers to the management as the management must step in at this time to determine whether to pick the order or not.

If the one in charge of the order is a rookie who hasn’t closed a deal or an old hand trapped in a vacuum, I will encourage him to take the order and sell the phone charger even if it’s not profitable.

It is no doubt that we still need to make it clear that it’s not going to become a normalcy. It just helps to get rid of salespersons’ repression and make them become confident.

About exploitation value

If it’s the first order in a country, I will also consider it a feasible chance.

Every country has its own trade rules and commercial characteristics and we can’t get that right just by surfing on the internet or the rumor and hearsay.

Therefore, the value of the order is that we can have a great communication with the customer after the deal, getting to know the features, the capacity, value of the market.

We have a few agents in several countries by doing this way. We had good talks and they are quite familiar with our situation. We recognize each other so that we can finalize one plan after another to perform well in the markets of those countries.

For the factory

The factories should be maintained and although we can get its support with our outstanding negotiation skills within a certain time but in the final analysis, we should win some orders back.

We have a little trick that I am willing to give my orders to the factory when some customers just bargain with me and I can’t pursuade them to buy our phone charger. Through the factory’s confirmation that it’s capable for the factory to close the order, albeit with little profits, I will give my customers to the factory, telling them that I want no commission but I just hope that the following prices can be stable and the delivery date should be more accurate.

For another, I can do the job without profits. I will take it and show the factory the contract amount to express that I can’t profit but I take it just so as to support the factory. The purpose is the same with the above one.

As we should know that, it’s completely not a price when we sell a container and when we sell ten containers. There is no harm done for our later market development.

What’s more, with overcapacity, many factories will keep manufacturing products so as to keep the cost of workshop as it costs less if the production is on.

Different companies have their own requirements for profits. We can’t promote our products with the same and uniform standard. But as a middle and small-sized enterprise, we are supposed to be forward-looking and don’t just concentrate on how to market products but to ponder on how to cultivate markets.



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