Phone Charger


How should I do if my customer ignore me before ordering a batch of chargers?

Before the new year, Penny came to an agreement with a Korean customer and two batches of wall chargers were required to be delivered before the […]

How to persuade customers when phone charger’s price is higher than before?

At the beginning of 2018, RMB against USD has risen to 6.267 and it does set a new record in the year of Dog. It appears […]

How to position customer buying charing products properly?

In foreign trade about phone charging, it’s of great importance to have customers while it’s also a challenge to seek and filtrate those customers as it […]

How to make phone charger’s quotation to phone charger’s order?

Facing with customers’ inquiries about your phone charger, what are we supposed to do at first? We should try to gain customers’ information so as to judge if […]
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