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I figure most of you hear of a saying that “Have comparative shopping and select the best” and understand it. There are commodities on various levels of qualities so it’s of necessity for us to search products corresponding to our requirements and pursue after cost performance.

And it’s said that there is no need to afraid that someone knows not much about products but we should be afraid that they try to compare our products with others. As a matter of fact, we should also note that it’s bad for us if customers know not much about our products.

What should we do when foreign traders come across customers who try to have price comparison?

I acquaint myself with a friend called Aveline who has a customer, Aida from Japan.

Aveline met Aida for the first time at Canton Fair when Aida arrived in Aveline’s company’s booth in her inquiry of products details. It occurred to Aveline at the moment that Japanese customers were really refined and courteous as rumors say while she didn’t slacken due to her profound cognition that Japanese customer had high requirement of quality.

Aida was quite a polite person and Aveline treated her with caution and dare not dare not make mistakes.

Aida didn’t say much instantly but left Aveline an email address. Aveline was positive and contacted Aida in time after the fair. Through an exchange of polite remarks and Aveline’s recommendations for products, Aveline received an email from Aida.

Dear Aveline,

I’m fairly glad of your kind recommendations of your products to us. Still, we are working on the things of requiring other suppliers quotations so that we can do nothing but have a request for you to wait for a moment.


Again, I’m absolutely delighted and thankful for your efforts.



Aida Kyoko

Aveline felt quite upset and wondered why the customer informed her of the fact that she was going to have comparison. Feeling a little bit nervous, Aveline also feared that the customer would really turn her back on Aveline after knowing other suppliers’ information and had no idea of how she could follow up the customer subsequently.

Actually, there is no need to panic and fear that customers will be unfaithful in my eyes. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but only after we have finished our jobs, can we just wait for the result.

For what? First of all, let’s analyze this sample. We can tell from the customer’s behaviour that she took an interest in Aveline’s product whilst she was confused about the quality, after-sales and prices in the same industry and hadn’t got a clue in the search of suppliers.

Aida was from Japan so Aveline supposed that Aida had high requirements of product quality. So why not start from quality?

Supposing Aveline understood her products well, she should be able to put forward her reasons for the quotation and answer why her price was much more expensive than other suppliers’. There is no way customers get to know your product quality on their own so we must do it ourselves and have them know more information. Besides, we can mention the reasons why we are not specialized in products of low price such as its weak adaptability to customers’ markets (mid-to-high end). There is no doubt that we are supposed to grasp the sense of propriety and don’t let customers suppose that we are officious.

Secondly, the customer could be a paper tiger, attempting to give pressure to Aveline so as to force prices down. As regards this, just adhere to our bottom-line price after having a careful analysis.

Besides, we can help customers spot the truth at a proper time that we can surely make some adjustment on prices or other factors provided that they intend to buy at a lower cost. And it’s impossible to support the expenditures even for a large order without any adjustment.

Don’t be afraid that your customers will have price comparison for it’s very common. We are just supposed to know their intentions and the aspects they value much.

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