Report | Trends of China’s E-Sports Viewership 2018

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In 2017, China‘s e-sports industry further improved, with the domestic e-sportsuser size reached 250 million and the market size exceeded 5 billion. The year 2017 the number of viewings in China e-sports exceeded 10 billion for the first time, breaking all the published tournament records in the history of e-sports. Under the promotion of league system and home and away game system, the tournament system is becoming more perfect. In addition to the tournaments, China e-sports have seen a continuous exploration in the education system, Pan-Entertainment e-sports industrial park and industry norms. China e-sports tournaments are releasing a unique charm in great user value and commercial value.

Penguin Intelligence joins hands with Tencent E-Sports and China Electronic, have launched this report based on product big data, consumer surveys on China’s mobile users, and industry insights. In this report, we will release a new Tencent e-sports big data and insights into user needs, which includes:

1) The latest news of ecological development of e-sports industry in China

2) E-sports tournament structure upgrade and user participation

3) Users‘ expectations on the tournament and future development

4) Business ecology and marketing value of e-sports

To download a PDF version of this report, follow our WeChat OA and reply 【E-sports 2018】to get access to the report.

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