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I’ve heard about a story from teacher Chan about her personal experience. She signed the contract with an American customer and the payment method was 30 % as the down payment with the rest before the shipment. But the problem arose when the cargoes were manufactured and Chan waited for the customer’s payment.

The customer claimed that the balance had been effected to Chan’s account and just in case, Chan didn’t effect the shipment soon after receiving the bank slip but checked the bank if there was any income. The customer was an old good friend of Chan’s and Chan would go to America from time to time to have parties or go shopping with her. Chan just couldn’t believe that the customer would lie to her but she couldn’t also find another reasons.

Afterwards, Chan communicated with the customer, inquiring if there was any screenshot or document proved for the remittance. The customer sent a screenshot right away and Chan did manage to find out that the account of the receiver was mistaken.

The receiver account was not Chan’s account and the customer claimed that the bank account was sent by Chan’s email. And Chan checked the so-called email, discovering that the email address was similar to hers and Chan couldn’t distinguish it from her own email if she didn’t pay enough attention to that.

Chan had a rough idea of the issue that the cheater managed to hack in the customer’s email and delete all the email record between the customer and Chan. Then the cheater registered an email account similar to Chan’s. The cheater told the customer that something was wrong in the original domestic bank and it required it to gather the payment with a different bank account. The customer was careless and didn’t communicate with Chan in time and then, got cheated.

Chan was desperate as she didn’t get the payment that she could only keep the cargoes. At the end, the customer said that she would effect the payment as she was also responsible for that.

Chan was lucky because the customer had a good relationship with Chan and Chan didn’t send the cargoes yet. But recently, I have seen lots of cases of that the cargoes were close to the port but the seller hadn’t received the payment. After inspection, the seller found out that the customer had effected the balance to a strange account.

Facing with that, a salesperson must be strong mentally and physically. It’s never a joke to lose both cargoes and payment.

So what should we do to prevent it from happening?

1. Pay attention to the communication with customers

Salespersons can give the customer a preventive injection and they’d better call salespersons before some critical procedures or when there is any uncertainty. Try to know the details so as to make sure that the cheater won’t succeed.

2. Verify customers’ emails often

During the communication with a customer, we have got to check the customer’s email address and we should remind the customer of paying attention to it.

3. Watch out for the safety of emails

The email’s password should be changed at set intervals to lower the risk of getting victimized. There is no doubt that we shouldn’t view those websites of high risks. I’d like to share some details with you.

a. Don’t receive EXE. File in the disguise of Zip, RAR, 7z. Some cheaters turn their Trojans into a compressed file but it’s actually an EXE which is a normal format of most of the viruses or Trojans. 

b. Don’t click URL from strange emails easily.


c. Don’t input your amount and passwords on a strange or abnormal websites.


d.Don’t click any dialog box in haste.


e. Make use of antivirus program often to check those information, documents downloaded or received.


f. Don’t register those websites or Apps with the same password.


g. Don’t readily believe that some foreign customers try to hire you as their domestic agents.

4. Make sure to effect the shipment after receiving the payment.

Last but not least, do not forget that it’s dangerous to deliver the goods soon after you receive the bank slip. We have come through this topic in my previous articles. Bank slips can be fake and it’s not wise to consider bank slips as the sign of receiving payment.

Supposing that your cargoes get shipped and you are unable to get the payment, you are doomed to a bad end. Don’t ever expect that your customer will make up for you as Chan’s customer.

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