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I remember that I once had a discussion about the topic, “We fail to cooperate just for customers do not agree with our payment methods?” it’s an article about a salesman LILY having a disagreement with the customer about the terms and conditions, so it was clever and just right for her manager to have an argument and negotiation with the client face-to-face. In the end, he made it. However, not every customer is so easy to convince. Recently, salesman SUSAN encountered the same problem.

SUSAN had been in contact with Kuwait customer S for several years. Previously, the customer was indifferent to the products recommended by SUSAN. The customer said that he had a fixed supplier at present, and the price of Susan’s product did not meet the procurement needs of the company, or that the purchase amount did not meet the minimum purchase amount required by SUSAN. So the customer had been dragging and pulling and there was no big step forward.

This year, SUSAN introduced several new and cost-effective models. It was rare that the customer was very interested in them. He showed his interest and thought the price was in line with their requirements. So it’s natural to provide sample testing.

However, before the customer confirmed the sample, the customer sent all the operational requirements of the company’s order to SUSAN, and required her to confirm that it can follow the company’s operating procedures before the prototype test. One of the contents clearly showed that the customer S’s order payment method required LC 90DAYS. SUSAN immediately negotiated with the customer, and said her company had never operated the long-term LC. And at present, none of the customers that her company cooperated with was doing with this kind of payment method. According to the regulations of SUSAN, it was only accepted as TT 30% of the advance payment, and the draft of the bill of lading was paid & 100% of the current irrevocable letter of credit.

Of course, the customer also insists that all the orders in accordance with their company’s operation process are settled by LC 90DAYS, and explain that they are large-scale retailers and suppliers in the local market, unlike other wholesale small brands. Therefore, they need a large amount of goods every month, and the expenditure is also very large. When they put the products on the market, it usually takes one or two months to return the profits. At this time, they have capital to pay to the suppliers.

After learning this, SUSAN felt surprised for she never thought that the customer would consider and paid to the supplier. It must be quite insecure and initiative from the perspective of the supplier and they might not be able to get money and goods at the same time. Although SUSAN later tried various ways to give the customer a sense of sensibility, but the customer was still ignorant, and finally said:

it is ok, if you not accept our term ,please leave it, we already found other suppliers with lower price goods and GOOD PAYMENT TERM.

In the end, she still failed to cooperate with the customer.

Through the case of SUSAN, you may find it a pity for she was about to succeed in the final step. However, the payment method is often the most important and most uncompromising part of the order. If the supplier easily compromises the payment method in order to obtain the order, then when the worst consequences appear, then they would lose money and goods at the same time, which is also a big trouble. Although Kuwait is a rich country, despite the strength of its customers, we must still insist on our principles of own company as a supplier. After all, in this case, anything can happen. Only when the money is sent, you are guaranteed!

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