May I Buy Your Chargers by Euro Settlement ?

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LDNIO have selled Today I would like to say about pay by Euro.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations,

Recently, a customer has suggested whether it can be settled in Euros.

The reason is as follows:

You will have to prepare yourself to accept the euro. Do you know that the American president is having problems with other countries? We will soon be forced to give up the dollar.

I would like to ask if you have encountered similar requests from guests.

Later, I learned about the little friends around me.

Now that the US dollar has fallen sharply, some European and American customers have begun to consider choosing to settle in Euros. The seniors who have used the euro settlement have given us some advice. If we need euro settlement, we need to consider several issues:

What form should we quote? Is there a difference with the US dollar quote?

Quote in Euros. Of course, you can also quote him in Euros and dollars, and make a quotation. The exchange rate on the foreign currency quote is based on the exchange rate. If the exchange rate fluctuates by less or more than 3% or 5%, the price will be re-quoted. In fact, the RMB price has not changed. The customer said clearly.

Settlement account requirements?

If the company has HSBC, then you can collect a variety of foreign currency.

If it is a US bank dollar account, it will generally be converted into US dollars after receiving the euro, and then settled into RMB. The interest rate is not so good, and if the small amount is acceptable, there is no need to open a separate euro account. If the amount is large, there are more customers in Europe and America, and long-term settlement in Euros, it is recommended to open a euro account. For corporate account, the requirement of the Bank of China is that a pre-audit account for a euro can generally be opened, and the settlement is still going to the RMB account.

The last one is to find an agent to collect.

Is there any special problems and requirements for the settlement of the euro in the letter of credit, write-off, collection of foreign exchange, and tax refund?

There are no special requirements. When the customs declaration is made, the currency is changed to Euro. The other is basically the same as the US dollar.

What other areas need attention in the process of Euro settlement?

Usually European customers pay you the US dollar, the currency conversion fee will generally cost 0.5% more, and the amount is also a lot of money.

There is also the possibility of receiving both Euros and dollars; at least not both currencies will plummet at the same time.

Customers in Europe still recommend dual currency preparation, and there are multiple options for exchange rate fluctuations.

When quoting, if you use the US dollar account to collect money, you will add the cost of the exchange to the quotation.

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