LDNIO’s Quick Charge 3.0 product technology

How can you persuade customers buy your chargers?
How to prepare for the order of your chargers?

OPPO has a really famous slogan that charging 2minutes for talking 1hour.

Actually it just reveal that nowadays the society is chasing for a faster charging speed.

Consumers requirement will always be met and many manufacturers have produced QC2.0(Quick Charge 2.0) and even QC3.0 to offer a faster charging speed.

So as LDNIO!

As the fast charger expert, LDNIO have updated almost all the QC2.0 devices to QC3.0.However many people may not actually know the difference between QC2.0 and QC3.0.

Today I am going to explain this question simply.

The biggest difference is charging time and efficiency.

As you see, when the charging speed of normal charging is only 18% qc2.0 and QC3.0 is up to 63% and 71% respectively.

We all know that QC2.0 and QC3.0 are all fast charger but why so many customers choose the QC3.0? The most important reason is that QC3.0 can save more time for our consumers.

Now let us look at the current. It is obvious that QC2.0 is lower than QC3.0. And however it is this difference make the charging speed different.

People will never choose the most expensive product except it offer valuable thing to them such as time.

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