LDNIO employee growth plan-leading project 2018

How To Be A Distinctive Salesman
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Holding 2018 leading project is an important step for LDNIO to cultivate excellent talent and strengthen the cultivation of the middle team.
Combined golden triangle-individual profit mode, turn guest into host-focus on business management, four part mode-team progressing management with permanent renewal-self iteration management, the business ability and comprehensive quality of the middle team member has been definitely enhanced finally. And in addition, not only can it complete LDNIO’s team building but also it can strengthen the strategic development and echelon the construction of LDNIO.

Learning Subject

New beginning-to meet a better yourself

LDNIO’s cultural journey

Leading project about the progressing way in foreign trade

How to create individual profit mode 

Customer management

Mr Chen, the chairman of LDNIO, was teaching us about new beginning, new splendidness and to be a better yourself.
Gigi Chen, the leader of human resource department, was talking about LDNIO’s cultural journey.
Jeff Zhang, the leader of key customer developing department was talking about the progressing way in foreign trade
Stephen Zeng, the leader of the selling stores, is talking about customer management.
Comparing with the training held before, this time we made a great adjustment on the setting of the lessons and training time to build a concise lesson with a higher pertinence and a more accurate position.
In spite of the lessons is finished, trainees still have something to say:
 It’s really pleasant that our company offer us the platform to take a training and to learn more things. After the leading project, I realized the importance and emergency of learning. We should keep up with the society and dig out our potential permanently and only then can we have a clearer cognition of our own career development.by Peakin
Not only knowledge but also growth was benefiting from the leading project. My metal situation and thoughts has enhanced to another level. Beginning with changing myself, the whole team will be stronger when we positively influence others to make a progress.by Jenny
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