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LDNIO grasp core quick charge techonology

LDNIO keep up with new cell phone charging techonology.New iphone supports wireless and PD quick charge.LDNIO published PD charger and Qi wireless charger in 2018.Qualcomm upgrade its quick charge techonology.LDNIO updated all quick charging cores from QC 2.0 to QC 3.0.LDNIO pay attention to research and development.LDNIO know charger more.


LDNIO charger is the combination of techonology and art

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ISO 9001-2015 standard 600+ employees modern factory


LDNIO has a good reputation by our clients worldwide

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Asia 12% Middle East&Africa 52%
North America 8% South America 15%
India 8% South America 15%

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Sales Team

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Our latest products

LDNIO car charger

LDNIO,fast charger expert.Car charger is one main series of LDNIO chargers.

LDNIO car charger is popular worldwide.

USB ports:2 usb,3 usb,4 usb

Device:iphone/apple lightning,samsung huawei xiaomi mini usb,imac type C

We are factory.If wholesale,our price is competitive.Clients can buy LDNIO brand produts online on aliexpress too

LDNIO,the best cell phone charger brand.