How to do with a Bad Container?

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Lily had a bad time today. The customer clearly requested high-quality cabinets before shipment, including no oil and damage. When preparing to ship, she found that the driver had gone to the yard to provide a bad cabinet. The gatekeeper also let the driver took it away. When arriving at the factory, she found that the container had problems and she had to go back and change the cabinet for a good cabinet. But who should pay for the changing of the cabinet?

There are two arguments like this:

1, to see what kind of problems of the cabinet, for the pier, the general inside the box such as dirt box, floor damage, bottom damage, etc. is not a rotten cabinet, and some cabinets will have a small hole, if the driver is to go to the cabinet at night It will also be difficult to find. So if this is the case, it is necessary to negotiate with the factory on behalf of the factory and seal the hole with glass glue.

If it is a big hole or there is an obvious depression or the current name of TUO, the responsibility will be responsible for the transportation.

Because when the empty container is proposed, there is a sealed seal on the EIR, that is, the driver is obliged to ensure that the condition of the container when the container is put up is intact because he is the party. The meticulous yard might require the driver to sign to confirm that the box is intact!

The factory does not need to bear any responsibility, and if the detention costs caused by the detention, it can be required to bear them!

Of course, we must not underestimate the inspection of cabinets before loading the cabinets, because it is very likely that the containers will have cleaning fees and repair fees when they reach the port of destination.

We used to have tried this situation because our goods were uncontaminated goods packed in cartons. But after arriving at the customer’s destination port, the customer had feedback that the shipping company had to collect cleaning fees because the floor had oil stains on it. , so the household is looking for us to deal with. I was impressed with the cabinet. The whole four-walled floor was a clean cabinet. The floor was a bit oily. Fortunately, I had a good habit of taking pictures with the empty cabinet so that finally the cost was not charged.

There are many people involved in cross-border trade and each step will generate costs. If you sometimes don’t pay attention to it, you will incur unexpected expenses.

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