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I often tell my sales team members that communicating with customers is like falling in love. You need to create the chance to talk and let them know your product’s advantages, and then you can let them buy from you and sell your products with great confidence. Frankly speaking, it is a process of invitation, understanding and falling in love.But can you grasp well each other’s psychological and make a better response in this process?Here are some psychological analysis of customers.

01Conformable psychology

Have you found that when you introduce products, customers will also inquire if you have cooperated with other brands in the same market. The more you say, the bigger the influence on him will be. Some customers know little about the market and they think conformity will be their best choice.

2Comparing psychology

When a customer knows the brands you have cooperated, he can better know if your product is in conformity with the local demand and how is the quality level. If he knows that you are doing for the local well-known brand and even his opponent, so he will be more likely to know what he should buy to be more competitive in the market and let him have a better sales performance, and this will have the greater cooperation chance.

3 Comparative psychology

There are numerous Chinese suppliers and you can find thousands of suppliers doing the same products easily if you search carefully. It is common that customers will compare several suppliers for one product. So you need to let your customers know your product advantages and why your product worth it. It will be good if customers have their own QC for each sample from suppliers, but it doesn’t happen to each customer. So your guidance is a need for customers to distinguish the products with similar appearance. If you can persuade a customer to buy from you depends on whether you can show the selling points well.

4Psychological of gaining extra advantage

Negotiation is a skill while telling the price also need skills. If you give the bottom price to the customer at the beginning, then you need to give a altisonant reason for this to allow customer feel that it is really your bottom price, then he will buy from you. Or you will be in the bargaining circle. And if you show a little concessions during the negotiation, then even you really meet the customer’s price requirement, you need to tell him why you give this discount and even tell him the price is lower than his competitors, then he will be happy.

5 Indecisionpsychology

There is a kind of customers, who are interested in your products in the fair and are eager to take the goods after hearing your introduction, and confirm order at the scene. Both sides are happy for the cooperation. But when you push them to confirm PI and arrange deposit, you will find them hiding from you, not picking up your phone call, message, WHATS APP and any other contact methods because they are struggling for whether to buy or not. A clever sales will find a good reason to push them make their goal clear. Otherwise, when the hesitation period past, they may become other suppliers’.

So master customers’ psychological activities and follow up accordingly, then you can seize the best chance to cooperate.

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