How to position customer buying charing products properly?

How to make phone charger’s quotation to phone charger’s order?
How to persuade customers when phone charger’s price is higher than before?

In foreign trade about phone charging, it’s of great importance to have customers while it’s also a challenge to seek and filtrate those customers as it will determine whether your work is futile or not. A salesperson called May who work in my company just had futile efforts at her work because of the mismatching of customer orientation.

Customer B from South America was well-known in our company for our company had followed up for many years but still was in vain owing to the price. When May was authorized to follow up this customer, May was confident that she could do the job since the price of the phone charger the customer intended to purchase was tend to approach his target price.

In the exhibition last year, May had a well-thought-out plan and invited the customer to discuss about the order on the booth. May was excited and recommended the phone charger the customer favoured before after she met the customer. She also informed the customer that the price was extremely reasonable and hoped to cooperate with the customer. However, customer B frowned after hearing the price and said rudely, TOO EXPENSIVE!

May was muddled on the spot and said immediately that,

“This is a price which is almost 20% cheaper compared with before, which fixes your target price also. Our boss keeps a positive mind towards our potential cooperation. Do hope we could begin our business. ”

Customer B shook his head and said,

“No no no, cant do with this price, we need products that are much cheaper without any quality problems.”

May kept asking him,

 “OK, So what is your quantity?”

Customer B said that he only wished to try around 1500pcs. In May’s eyes, the price and quantity were terrible and May would definitely suffer losses. Despite May’s efforts on explaining and showing products’ advantages, the customer just made no concession and then the final target price of the customer was 2 USD lower than the price May quoted. For products of low profit, May would definitely lose.

May could only tell customer B,

 “Ok, I will send u more details by email, let us have a further discussion.”

As a matter of fact, I believe most of the salespersons confront that before, supposing that a customer who intends to purchase congeneric products is the target customer and they won’t let them go so easily. Indeed, as a salesperson, we have got to be tenacious. However, if the customer orientation doesn’t match our market positioning, we will entail strenuous efforts in vain. So what can we do on customer orientation?


Get to know the scale of customers’ companies

It’s important and for those companies which are regular and sizable, we can register their websites to know more information about it.


Judge customers’ purchasing power by virtue of the products they purchased

By analyzing the quality of congeneric products customers purchase, we are able to judge customers’ purchasing power. The more powerful they are, the more sorts of products they will purchase and they tend to choose products that are great in regard to design and quality.


Customers’ word of mouth

We are able to ascertain customers’ word of mouth in the local market and the true nutritive value of the local market towards the products through customers’ competitors in the local market.

Orientation is a kind of subjective cognition which requires us to have discrimination analysisof the objective existence, which is the objective position of the target in the market. Therefore, in business, it’s very important to have positioning analysis of our business partners since if the orientation doesn’t match our requirements, they won’t care about us despite what discounts we give.

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