How to make phone charger’s quotation to phone charger’s order?

What if your phone charger order doesn’t make profit?
How to position customer buying charing products properly?

Facing with customers’ inquiries about your phone charger, what are we supposed to do at first? We should try to gain customers’ information so as to judge if the inquiry is fake for some cheaters attempt to tempt you into the trap and scam both your money and cargoes with deceitful tricks afterwards. In foreign trade, we have got to get benefits in the case of security or we’ll have a hard time supposing we get cheated.

Anyway, it’s common for customers to send inquiries without placing orders then. The key is to pay attention to our own problems.

① How is our reputation among the same industry?

② What’s the price difference between your quotation and the market price? And what advantages and disadvantages it corresponds to?

③How’s our control of terminologies of foreign trade, verbal tricks and negotiation skills and think whether we can apply our English well? Will it cause any ambiguities? Will customers step back from us? Or do they think we are not a professional supplier?

④ Have you tried to watch your email from customers’ point of view?

After the analysis, we shall recommend a right phone charge to  customers according to customers’ information. You may suppose that not all the customers have the intention of placing order. But don’t consider it as a waste of time. Perhaps we can’t expect any order from customers temporarily but once we have finished what we should do, they are much likely to think of you when they are in need. There is a sample of response to customers’ inquiries for you reference.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are obliged to receive the inquiry about our phone charger  and we are also glad to see that you take interests in our products model number C502.

We have enclosed the quotation with this email. Furthermore, you are not the sole importer in Korean who intend to introduce the product to the market. Both Acompany  and B company have decided to purchase our car charger. Would you like me to send the quotation of it as well?

As a sophisticated Chinese manufacturer specialized in charger, we provide high quality phone charger as well as first-class service.

We look forward to your early reply.

What can we learn from this email?

By reminding your customers, we are able to have them be clear of the time and the way they send enquiries as well as what products they take interests in. It’s beyond your imagination how many enquiries customers send everyday so it’s difficult for you to attract customers supposing that your response is insipid.

In the end, we can make a brief introduction to our company.

We shall always bear it in mind that foreign trade refers to many aspects which means that we will have to spend more time or money in every aspect of foreign trade. Consequently, it’s recommended for us to maintain every potential customer when responding customers’ inquiries. Refuse once-for-all deal and devote ourselves to a stable and long-term cooperation with our customers.

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