How to Do Well in Customer Maintenance?

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As we usually say, we need to maintain relationships with our customers. How on earth can we do?

I bet you won’t ask customers to place repeat orders the moment after you greet your customers. Because in that way, most of the customers will pretend that they haven’t received your message.

Recently, I have talked with my friends about this problem. Cy shared us with his experience. It’s pretty good in my opinion.

First of all, we need to divide our customers into two parts. One part of them are those regular customers who have placed repeat orders. And the other part of them are those customers who have placed order before but not with repeat orders.
For the two kinds of customers, there are similar respects but also differences. For the same respect, we all need to care about customers’ sales to know their needs. But we shouldn’t act like we are utilitarian and try to ask them if they have any plan for repeat orders.
We can previously know something about customers’ sales and introduce the product styles correspondingly according to customers’ needs and situations. It’s more acceptable than the former method.
And for those who have placed repeat orders, don’t think they are not important after you think their orders are stable. We still need to update the order information of customers aperiodically and tell customers the progress or orders. Customers should know that we are following up their orders instead of being out of touch after getting orders. Besides, during the process, we can try to ask customers about their sales by the way. We can also introduce our products of new styles to customers in time to show we are professional. (Actually, we just need to recommend the company’s featured products to them. Because it;s always right to follow our company when we are unable to judge things )
For example, in this weak, I recommended the new-style products to one of my customers. Of course, we should do that after knowing they are of interest of the new products. Therefore, I introduced one kind to the customer. Although they had placed repeat orders not long ago, the customers were interested in it when they saw the products. And they required us to make arrangement for samples.
Therefore, when customers are about to place repeat orders, don’t elude them but keep in touch with them and recommend some new products to them. Perhaps you will get a new order.
In addition, for customers who placed orders but didn’t place rep

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