How to choose an agency company for your chargers?

As a car charger seller, we should view all the things in different angle
When Customer Contact Your Charger Manufacturing Factory Directly

Previously, as a car charger seller, agent is always mentioned when we talked about purchasing documents from other companies or seeking companies with import and export right for help.

And when it comes to this, many foreign traders get themselves in the misunderstanding that they pay attention to the convenience if that is fine, they don’t have other aspects to consider.

However, we ought to be clear of a fact that there are lots of low-cost agency companies, attracting a great number of foreign traders. We shall not ignore the elements on other aspects, albeit with the low cost.


01Some of the agency companies are small and low in operating costs so they will try to lower the price without other advantages, for instance, they are unable to spot the tax reimbursement of your chargers or unable to open letter of credit or fail to provide customers with financial services.

02Owing to the need for financial operation, some agents will put customers’ payment for your chargers or tax reimbursement to other uses, such as investment in property or current investment which lead to the delay in payment, bringing customers some sorts of risks.


03Charge fees in a distinguised form. Some agents sail under false colors and call themselves as an agent that provide low-cost services while they raise other charges some disqualified agents even defraud their customers with some ridiculous charges. For instance, they require customers to pay extra service charges or handling charges when their customers ask them for tax reimbursement. They settle the foreign exchange at a relatively exchange rate and embezzle the price difference.

These agency companies may be good for its low cost but they love to shirk responsibilities and shift the blame onto others once accidents happen and customers are likely to suffer great losses for their companies are small with a low fault tolerance rate.

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