How to ask our customer accept the order?

Will You Consider the Cost?
Distinguish Down Payment from Deposit

Sherry had a Malaysian customer whose company was a big brand in the industry. For her company, if this customer was followed down, she will be the company’s super VIP. Sherry devoted almost two years and finally made it.

The customer already had a fixed supplier and had been working with him for a long time. Now he was ready to cooperate with Sherry. They had agreed on the shipping sample, but only the payment method had not been settled.

The customer requested 100% TT within one week after receiving the goods.

In view of the current environmental pressure and rising prices, sherry’s company had not accepted the account period. Customers were advised to pay 30% prepayment, the rest 70% can be paid against the bl copy and the price can be discounted.

The customer did not agree and said that the price wad not about the problem but the sincerity. And he had been doing the account period with other suppliers.

After several runs, the customer agreed 30% TT prepayment and pay 70% TT within a week after receiving the goods.

But the boss didn’t agree with the payment method of the final payment. The boss felt that, first of all, he didn’t understand the customer’s credit. Secondly, the environmental protection was strictly checked. The big environment had not allowed the account period. Once again, the customer’s account period had experienced a return problem.

Sherry had talked with the boss and the customer for more than half a month. But There was no progress. When talking with the boss and the customer separately, sherry felt that she was weak and she didn’t have the opportunity to speak. She can only be a loyal listener.

But she really wanted to win over the customer. She sorted out the customer’s purchasing data last year and prepared to look at the boss, but she was worried that she did not know if this was feasible? Don’t know how to say better.

In fact, we can empathize with the question:

For the Boss, having customers is a good thing and no customers are risk-free. To advance 70% of the funds for your new customer (in the case of location income), the risk is pretty big, and also need plus the exchange rate and bad debts case.

(Although the customer is large, the corresponding risks are also very high. The reason for disagreement is mainly due to foreign investors’ credit and the domestic environment. For foreign investors, you can use Credit Insurance as a foreign credit investigation to see if there are any bad transaction records in the past. , At the same time, casting a letter insurance, under normal circumstances letter insurance up to 90%, can be considered a great guarantee.)

As for the customer, delaying the account period will undoubtedly have great benefits for his own capital turnover, and also use this as the key to catch you. Obviously, he has the intention to cooperate with you, but he needs you to show your sincerity.

In fact, the customer’s request is indeed a bit not suitable, but after all, he is a new customer, and Sherry’s boss also expressed the sincerity of that the price can be discussed.

I think there may be three ways to solve this problem: First, cooperate first, after a quarter or half a year, and then have a recurring billing period. Second, find third-party intermediary for identification and risk control. Third, you can conduct field visits. Visit the customer company to meet and discuss in detail.

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