How if your wall chargers are all abandoned ?

What will you do if you lost the B/L of your wall charger as a charger seller?
As a car charger seller, we should view all the things in different angle

When you are a wall charger seller and all your chargers are abandoned,what will you do?

If you are lucky enough to miss it, read the following for prevention,or if you have faced it unfortunately, then learn it immediately.

If you have experienced that, your sharing is welcomed.

It is really easy for a charger seller to encounter this situation.

Let’s see:

The reasons why cargoes is abandoned  at destination ports:

1. The consignor refuses to deliver B/L to the consignee owing to the fact that the consignor haven’t received the payment so the consignee fails to pick up your chargers.


2. The consignee rejects to pick up your chargers owing to the inferior quality of the chargers or market fluctuations especially under the terms of freight to be collected on FOB.


3. Problems emerge when customs clearance goes wrong because of the information of documents and data.


4. Delivery date gets delayed owing to the long-delayed shipping time and the consignee fails to pick up your chargers on schedule.


5. The cost is too high at destination ports (storage, services, etc.)


6. Other trade disputes.

How can we avoid it?

1.Try to seek customers with good reputation for charger selling cooperation.


2.Select a regular and professional freight forwarder who can provide you with effective guidance at critical moments and reduce the probability of occurrence of cargoes abandonment or reduce losses to a minimum.


3.Meanwhile, both the trade terms and insurance are critical. Don’t accept DDU or DDP if you are going to export cargoes with low value and don’t forget to buy cargoes abandonment insurance. For cargoes of high value, do request your customer to prepay 50 % to 70 % before effecting shipment.


4.We should be clear of various charges in advance, such as demurrage charges and service charges at destination ports.


What should we do to deal with the cargoes abandonment at destination ports?

1.First, we generally learn that from the carrier. Once the customers choose to abandon your chargers, we have got to ask the carrier’s agents in the country of destination to send us a concrete local guidance of cargoes abandonment since there are different handling methods and requirements in different countries for different cargoes.


2. Try to seek other purchasers in the country of destination and sell all your chargers at an appropriate discount.


3. Provided that we fail to find other customers to purchase our chargers, we can only decide whether we should withdraw the cargoes according to the physical truth. We should pay attention that in some countries and regions, even if the consignee has abandoned the cargoes, the consignor still needs to be authorized by the consignee supposing that the consignor intends to return the cargoes.

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