How can we do if customers doubt you are a trader?

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“You are trading company, your price is really high, I got quotation from other suppliers, Same models but the price lower than yours.”

Said client A in the phone call to Steven, after receiving the quotation from Steven’s company.

Steven replied immediately

“Friend, pls try not to misunderstand our company. We are the direct manufacturer. There are 4 factories under our group, we cooperated with the International brands, all of them need to do the factory audit and 100% PASS. If you think our price is high, you pls try to compare our quality standard everything, but try not to misunderstand us. ”

After checking bulk cargo, client B found them some problems and then talked to Steven.

“Our QC checked your production, and found there are some problems, all trading company is dealing like this.”

Then Steven reported it to his manager. Recalling the reason why the clients suspected them to be traders, he replied,

“Maybe all trading company do like this, but we are direct manufacturer, we care about our quality system, we had all testing then ship out, there are totally 4 factories under our group, if we only trading company hoe possible can design and make many new models, and also larger production.”

It’s not rare to be faced with the suspicion of being traders in actual trade like this case. These suspicions demonstrate the clients’ incomprehension of companies. In particular, the international department and the factories of Steven’s company are separate. Even if most of clients have great discernment, many misunderstandings of clients are inevitable due to all sorts of factors. So, how can we deal with them?


1.Calm down and analyze

When facing suspicion of being traders, some suppliers might feel nervous so that they defend distractedly, which may be self-defeating and cause deeper misunderstanding. Therefore, we should calm down at first, analyze the reasons and explain them clearly to clients based on possible factors.

2. Communicate euphemistically but not humbly

Through the case of Steven above, you must have felt that Steven’s success of untying the misunderstandings was his diction, which is euphemistic but not humble with equality. After being misunderstood, don’t argue with clients angrily to prove yourself, nor be too humble to flatter clients in that the two kinds of practices are extreme and hard to gain convince and satisfaction. Hence, expressing your opinion with appropriate tone, intonation and statement is of great importance.

3. If permitted, invite clients to visit your factories

Seeing is believing. If clients insist in doubting, the best way is to show clients around your factories, which is visualized and speedy.

As direct manufacturers, we have great advantages and should show them to clients. However, when facing suspicion, don’t be too flustered but hold a belief that you can still win the trust of clients with right solutions.

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