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COME ON! hot basketball match here.
Always want to see the world with you; just take it the first stop in Qing Yuan Sen Pola!

For the every stop in LDNIO, we shall be here. OK?

Glacier Valley Creative Garden is located at the ancient glacial site of FO GANG, QINGYUAN. It is another big creation part of Sen Pola resort with Magic World, Volcano Spring and Resort Hotel. It is the first water park in China that combines luxury water recreation and five-star hotel. Sen Pola has turned over the new page of the Fifth Generation of Water Park.

Playing in park, we forget all the pressure and enjoy whole time together.

Look at our gorgeous ladies playing water games and enjoying fun time together.

Birthday Party.

Congratulations to the babies whose birthday in June and July! After enjoying sun shower whole day, we all come to celebrate your birthday with a big fruit birthday cake! Happy birthday to you all. Sweeties! LDNIO will grow up with you forever. Let’s hope every of your wish will eventually come true!

Happy Singing~


LDNIO staff is all super stars here! Look at them; everyone is just like an international super star whose voice with power and dance like professional!


 In the morning, we lift the quilt, open reveal the curtain and see the sun shining happily. How beautiful! We washed up and enjoy our breakfast with a little tired and began our happy journey on the second day.

We are still with a child heart even the International Children’s day had passed. We are going to play the mechanical games like children! Come play the water gun! Come play the mini Roller Coaster together!

After 2 days’ fully schedule trip, we are going home!

Love is touching, companion. Love needs to speak out!LDNIO loves every member forever.


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