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You must be quite familiar with the cooperation procedures of foreign trade sales if you have read my previous articles. We all know how to send a develop letter, but before that, it’s more important to find the exactly key cooperator. It sounds very easy, right? Maybe it’s easy to find relative people in charge. However, to find the right one to cooperate depends a lot, or you will enter into a blind alley with failure to cooperate.

In the second year of working in the company, Bobby was given some useful information about clients with the hope of help in his work. Among the information, there was a client A, a supermarket chain in Australia. Bobby was told by his manager that this client was superior and must be attached great importance to.

According to the information, Bobby dared not to slacken and immediately called the headquarters of the supermarket that very day. Thinking it as a great company, it must be hard to find the key cooperator. Unexpectedly, the phone call was transferred quickly and successfully from the front desk clerk to their purchasing manager Justin. Bobby checked with the client again and again and was informed that he indeed was the purchasing manager. So Bobby instantly sent the information of products to the client for reference. The client said that the supermarket used to purchase goods from China but now just from the local. He said he would contact Bobby if needed. What the client said made Bobby desperate. What’s wrong?

Until the Canton Fair, Bobby met one person of the same supermarket, who was not Justin but George, a purchasing manager, too. And then Bobby learnt that George and Justin were purchasing managers, but the former took charge of export from China while the latter did that from local. At that time, Bobby learnt that he had been chasing the wrong key cooperator. Very fortunately, Bobby seized the opportunity to introduce products to the right client and finally got the cooperation done after a month of two years.

From the story, we know what you have done will be in vain if you are chasing the wrong one, even if they are in the same company. So in the course of following up clients, you have to consider whether the one you have been following is the very one you want to find when there are no any advances.

It may be impossible for Bobby to achieve the cooperation if he didn’t happen to meet the actual purchasing manager. During the process of seeking clients, it’s common to make such mistakes. We always think we have contacted the right one, exactly the men in charge, but neglect to analyze the situations. Like the case of Bobby, with the thought that he had met the right one, he failed to know there was another purchasing manager.

It would be faster to find the key cooperator and cooperated with him earlier if Bobby had learnt if there were several purchasing managers in the beginning, especially in some large group corporations. Therefore, when you are seeking key cooperators, don’t learn information simply by a phone call. And you have to pay more attention to verify the authenticity of men in charge for further work and cooperation when there are no advances.

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