Factory examination will decide the sales volume of our charger products

Better Factory Service Quality
Profit is not the only target for the charger salesman

It’s very common for customers to have examination of factories which might become an opportunity that helps build long-term relationship between you and your customers. After all, customers come from a great distance to verify if the supplier performs well in product quality, production environment and so on. After making sure that there is no severe problem, they will list it as a qualified supplier.

Vincent is a salesperson in a foreign trade company which specialized in storage bags of game machines. One day, Vincent received an email from Tony that he would arrive in China a week later and the factory inspection would be started. Tony’s company was so powerful and Vincent truly believed that once the inspection was perfect, Tony would realize that their products were wonderful with reasonable price and he could build long-term cooperative relationship with Tony.

A week later, Tony came as expected. Vincent also invited several members of the factory to explain the actual circumstance of the factory.

It confused Vincent a lot that it seemed Tony was absent-mindedness and kept asking if there were any brochure or guidance. Vincent was unable to understand what it is all about and gave it to the customer. The customer just checked some of the pages casually.

After the inspection, Vincent learnt from the plant that the customer left a small note to them. Vincent was suddenly enlightened after getting through the note that the customer wasn’t much satisfied with the quotation Vincent sent and realized that it’s hopeless for him to fight for a lower price so Tony intended to make the best of this opportunity to contact the factory. What he didn’t know was that Vincent’s company has come to an agreement with the factory that the factory is forbidden to contact any customer or it will be up against the liquidated damages.

Vincent was irritated and registered an email in the name of the factory and contact the customer. Tony got cheated and then built cooperative relationship with Vincent.

We have got to pay extra attention when customers have a factory inspection and try to prevent the factory officials from meeting with customers alone or they are likely to skip over the foreign trade company supposing that you haven’t had explicit stipulations.


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