Disbelief in wall charger selling

How to persuade customers when phone charger’s price is higher than before?
How should I do if my customer ignore me before ordering a batch of chargers?

Nowadays, it requires a lot of talking for exporters on the quality of offered services and marketed products when communicating with most of the customers, especially when they have the first cooperation with exporters since customers are utterly ignorant of exporters’ products and services. As a professional purchaser, it’s out of question for customers to make a precipitate decision and place orders.

Supposing that we are unable to follow up with customers and communicate with them well, we are pretty likely to lose customers and miss the chance of closing a deal even if the quality of our products and services are way much better than other suppliers.

A salesperson Zhang had developed a British customer before and Zhang had a very nice talk with the customer while the customer just refused to make response one day.

Zhang was afraid of losing the opportunity so he sent an email to the customer right away.

Dear James,

Hello, I’m Eric Zhang from phone charging company. I think you still remember that we communicated with each other two weeks ago about the products you intended to purchase.

I wonder whether there is anything wrong and if we can provide you with solutions. And as you know that the current shipping date is not tight and once you make up your mind to place the order, the cargoes can be manufactured in only 5 days and shipment will be on in a week.

I’m looking forward to your news.

Best Regards,

Eric Zhang

Unexpectedly, the customer who had kept silent before replied the email right after he received the email from Zhang.

Dear Eric,My apology for my previous silence. We, like you do, want to build a good and long-term cooperation with each other as we take an interest in your products.

However, we are not sure if you are able to produce products with high quality and well-knit packaging. Although you’ve mentioned that in your previous emails, we still doubt if you can actually realize them. It’s not strange that a great number of exporters also flaunt it but it turns out eventually that they are just bluffing.

Obviously, the reason why the customer had kept silent was that the customer distrusted Zhang, being afraid of that the quality and packaging of products would not be good. And he did come across it and got deceived by some unscrupulous merchants.

Supposing that in Zhang’s eyes, the customer deserves his efforts, Zhang can provide the customer with a free sample test. With the cogent product tests, the query of the customer is untenable.

Also, Zhang can make use of PPT and make an introduction of his company, referring to current client bases. Besides, if the customer is willing to put his further trust in the customer, Zhang can obtain the information of the customer’s information of his current suppliers, or utilize customs data to find his competitors and combine with the customer’s preference and introduce his unparalleled advantages and remove the customer’s worries.

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