Digging Customers Who will buy our car charger in Special Ways

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LDNIO is the fast charger expert and all our product are of high quality.But how to persuade consumers to try our product first?

Being a salesman for a long time, the shortage of customer resource becomes a big problem. I can tell you that in my experience of being a foreign trade salesman , I never lack of customers but time. I know what I have said will make you envy again. But I would like to share with you more skills of searching customers.

Why should digging customers be alternative? Because when you use more traditional approaches, your brain will run slowly or even be blank. So at this time, you can no longer control yourself to find no matter new methods or new customers. So what I emphasize on digging customers are: be careful and skillful. Observe carefully with flexible thinking.

Here are some special skills of digging customers. Hope it can broaden your horizon and get something you want.

1、 Same e-commerce website

Now many people search brands in local e-commerce websites. Before, Band of Global Trade also told some techniques of searching key person information with internet which can be used after you find the brands. However, do you merely search product names in e-commerce websites? It is suggested to use the keywords you bought from BAIDU and GOOGLE, or change to an extent, and you can get different result. You can find many new brand customers in e-commerce website.

2、 Different e-commerce websites in the same market

After you search some new customers in a website, then, keep searching in another. Although the searching method is same, searching result will be different just like you might not buy ranking in GOOGLE as in BAIDU.

3、 The same field

Provided you sell A4405, in the field of auto-ID, then think about which products are also in field auto-ID? Think from this aspect, try to select some other customers that are doing the same field products which are close to yours or with the strongest intention.

For example, you do the home charger business which belongs to major appliances while car charger is also in the same field of major appliances, then, you could try to search the car charger customers and check whether some of them have home charger business which you missed before. Sometimes, some big customers will have the plan of developing new products. If you meet them, then it is your efforts and luck that make you so.

4、The same market

Being a salesman for such a long time, you might have some long term cooperation customers. Because of the economy environment problem, brands change a lot. So you can ask some of your close customers whether there are some new brands in their market or ask them to introduce some new customers for you or tell you the brand name.  I have a customer. Every time when he finds new brands or some customers want to develop new products, he will inform me at once so that I could reach customers in time. So great changes of brands is nothing while there are friends accompanying.

Salesmen, have you tried the above methods? You need to be concentrated and skilled. Any method can be the key of your developing the next customer.

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