Customer Requests Refund Without Returning Goods

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As consumers, we often shop on the platform and we are more appreciative of the platform with three guarantees. But when this situation is replaced by cross-border trade, it is not so simple:

The newcomer Alice took a sample order on a platform. Although it was a sample order, Alice was still full of joy. After she negotiated with the customer, the customer paid for the purchase on the platform. Later, Alice then arranged the production.

Later, due to a shortage of materials, the customer’s products could not be delivered on time. Alice immediately contacted the customer and the customer finally accepted it, but Alice forgot to perform the overdue delivery on the platform. After the final delivery, the customer had not received the goods until the platform system expired and automatically confirmed the receipt.

But, a month later, the customer contacted Alice, telling that a large amount of expenses were caused due to customs clearance and so on. So they now required to refund 500 US dollars on the grounds of overdue delivery, and will not return goods.

The arbitration team on the platform called us with polite speech, but the meaning wasvery clear, telling us to lose money was the best thing. The customer’s attitude was also very tough, saying that if we didn’t accept their request, he will initiate a credit card refund and requested a refund of all purchases and shipping costs.

First of all, when it is certain that it will be overdue, you should contact the customer to modify the delivery date of trade assurance of Alibaba, preventing it from happening in the future. The platform is always biased towards customers.

Secondly, since it has already happened, I want to find a way to negotiate with the customer to minimize the amount of refund and reduce the loss. For example, we can tell the customer that we are responsible for some expenses, but $500 is so much and ask him to make some concessions. Or you turn to the platform to ask the customer to return the goods, and then you give him a refund, but there will be a lot of expenses back in this process. So consider it carefully.

Finally, you must block the imaginable loopholes in advance, just like your delivery date, or you will be caught by the customer and fall into the dilemma.

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