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On July 1st, we finally met our Spanish customer. The trip is for inspection to see if the goods are also very good, and at the same time he can look around our factory and deepen your feelings. It’s the first we cooperated,

In fact, the goods have been ready for a week, and have been waiting for customers to check the goods before we arrange shipments. After the itinerary was booked, the customer’s son told me that he will go to China on the 30th and will meet us on the 1st and asked us when we could pick him up at the hotel.

Our company starts work at 8:30, and we need about 2 hours to get to the place where we will pick him up, so we tell customers at 10:30. On the evening of the 30th, the customer confirmed the time with me. I said that I could pick it up at 10:30. He asked me how much time I needed on the road. I said 2 hours.

In fact, the actual time is estimated to be 1 hour and 40 minutes, but because it is the first time to go to the hotel from the urban area and we are unfamiliar with it, and considering the traffic congestion, the time for reporting is relaxed. The customer said OK, but added that it would be better if you come earlier.

Ok, I told the driver that I started at 8:30 in the morning which is the usual working time, but sit down and think carefully about the customer. I feel that he wants I get there earlier, so change the time to 8:00. The next day, the condition of the road is very good. We found the hotel very smoothly and arrived at the hotel at 9:50. He has already been waiting for me in the lobby. The customer saw me, felt very surprised, and said that I always thought Chinese are lazy and wonder how I can come so early. Oh, MY GOD, it’s the first time that I heard a foreigner who say Chinese are LAZY. In fact, we Chinese are very diligent.

We had a good talk. He talked many things about foreign countries such as which country he used to purchase, why he transferred to China, what advantages and disadvantages compared with the previous countries, and the impact of Sino-US trade wars on trade, and so on. We had been chatting on the way.

It’s already noon when we arrived at the company. Because he doesn’t eat lunch when he is abroad, so I can only suit him. After arriving at the company, we started talking about the inspection. Since I had a batch of goods to be released in the afternoon and needed to deal with some things so I asked the boss to help me hospitalize him. During the waiting for the boss to return, we exchanged business cards. Then I compared the big sample with the one he sent me. He roughly looked at the color and then weighed it. (In fact, some grams are a little bit less). And I also showed him around the sample room and workshop. And he let me take pictures and sent them to his son, saying that we are a big factory. Ok, you like it!

Later I took him to the place where the goods were stacked. Since he purchased extra-wide fabrics, he always cares about the quality of the paper tubes. I photographed the thickness of the paper tube before I packed it. But I still hold the remaining paper tubes for him to see. Then he asked our workers to test it in his way. The fabric leaned against the wall and there was no bend at all, OK, PERFECT. Well, the expected inspection ended, but the whole process was less than 5 minutes. It’s incredible.

The next day, the shipment was smooth. And he also bought some of our stock. The harvest is quite rich.This is the simplest and fastest inspection I have ever seen. Later, I summed up why is the customer so fast when he checked goods with them unpacked? Trust, trust is definitely the first element.

First of all, during the negotiations, we were very professional and provided samples fast and gave reasonable prices. In the process of mass production, he also sent photos to him in time to let him know the production progress from time to time. When we pick up and drop off customers to inspect the goods, we also showed our serious work attitude and professionalism.

This kind of inspection tests staff more than goods themselves many times for every batch of goods can be tested while he can not come to China every time. It’s rare for him to come to China so it’s more important to see staff and our factory than check goods.

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