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As a foreign trade salesman, the most troublesome thing is to handle customer complaints or disputes. In fact, disputes in the foreign trade business are not often caused by salespersons. However, this does not mean that salesmen can justifiably clamor with customers who, after all, are the income for salesmen. But the problems there always need solving.

Some people are tolerant and take all the responsibilities down. Some will only care about their immediate interests and will never give in, for fear that money will be returned. However, the sensible salesman will not only keep the bottom line, but also makes customers not demand too much.

Some of these problems are very tricky and tortured. How do you deal with these problems? Is there any way? Today, to give everyone a template or orders of processing, I hope to help foreign trade clerk in some way.

After receiving customers’ complaint mail, reply immediately; never delay, never, never! Otherwise, the customers think you are not sincere to resolve and ignore him, he will be even angrier.

First of all, expressing your complete understanding of his situation and feelings.

Standing from the customers ‘ position, the problem has caused him loss and inconvenience. It is normal to complain. At this time, we salesmen must fully understand.

If it is your own fault, you must immediately apologize.

Some companies are afraid of taking responsibilities even if obviously the problem is out of them. In fact, it is very unfair to the customer and also shows short-term perspective. What’s more, when a customer complains, the factory is not thinking about how to solve the problem but immediately thinks of ways to shirk its responsibility, which will cause a great psychological shadow to the guests. For me, when the problem arises, the problem should be solved first and then the responsibility is divided. Unfortunately, quite a few salesmen will reverse the orders.

The clerk’s eyes should not be on the gains and losses of an order, but on the value of a customer’s life, a market to cultivate.

When we focus on adjustments, our views will change greatly. Moreover, if many customers see you take responsibilities willingly and consider for him, they will relax and sorry to count it.

If you need to investigate the situation, tell the customer that we have reported it to the boss and immediately look for the relevant clerks to find solutions through meetings to investigate this matter. You can provide details at this time, such as taking a picture, how many goods have problems, etc.

PS: I have a deep understanding of this point. In 2012, our corporate account was hacked. After calling the police in Hong Kong, the police said that they had been dealing in each phone call, but would not say anything about the case on the phone. One day, I could no longer wait and rushed to the police station directly. The two police officers who were responsible for my case showed me what they had done since the case was filed, including records of visits and photos which was a great relief to me. Therefore, the best way to make customers feel at ease is to let him see your efforts.

If things have been investigated clearly, explain why and where this happened, letting them know that they have taken steps to ensure that it does not happen next time. If the customer is also a factor of the problem, you must point it out euphemistically. If you do not point out his fault, the customer thinks it all is the factory faults and the expectation of the claim is also high. However, you cannot be so aggressive that makes the customer unhappy.

For example, if it is a defect of the customer’s design, do not say

“It is the problem of your design.

Which shows that you are shirking responsibility. It can be said that

“Our chief engineer’s told me, the design is the major factor that cause this problem. We may need to optimize the design together for the future product.”

What we are showing is the attitude of everyone working together. (We must use “we” instead of “I”. Use “we” to mean that you represent the company rather than the private one. We mean that you have the background)


Lead the customer’s attention to solve the problem.

The clerk can’t hinder the customer from thinking, but we can guide the customer’s attention and topic, letting him feeling that we are actively working to solve the problem, not to care about who should bear the loss.

It is really out of our expectation. We must find out a solution to get out, do you have any good ideas?

Fight for benefits under the circumstance that you are able to appease the customer in the comfortable condition.For example, you can promise the customer with the next order to compensate him. If your front part is handled well, the customer trusts you and most of customers are acceptable.

To resolve disputes in foreign trade and respond to customers’ complaints, we must master some techniques or methods. We must have a constructive attitude (to solve problems instead of calling to account). We cannot take hard actions. In addition, the feeling is also vital. Compared with a salesman who has worked for 5 or 10 years, the most difficult gap between them is intuition that is a time-consuming process.

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