Change Your Way of Selling charger

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Recently, an expert said that for foreign traders, they shouldn’t possess the thought of Sell. Hearing this, I bet many of you will get confused. We are foreign traders as well as salesperson. Our mission is to sell the goods to overseas and now you told us that we should give up the thought of sell. Then how can sell products? Take it easy. What the expert said is about way of thinking. Although we are salespersons, we shouldn’t possess the thought of sell.

Moreover, we need to find one to replace it so as to transform our stereotype to sell our phone charger.Many foreign traders are only too anxious to sell products or even more. It’s understandable. But if you use a thought of sell, then it will lead to two consequences for you and your customers.

First, for your customers, they will be under great pressure. Because you keep promoting products. Just imagine if someone market products to you and you accept it unwillingly, I bet you will be more likely to reject. So in this way, customers will less likely accept you and they will be stressed and refuse to cooperate with you. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Of course, there might be cases of success but the ratio is pretty small. So we should extend our way of thinking.

Secondly, for foreign traders ourselves, we keep emphasizing that we are selling products and it’s buyer’s market most of the time. Unconsciously, we can’t take the initiative when we are communicating or negotiating with customers. What’s more, if customers begin to refuse the pressure you give, you will become more anxious. It won’t be beneficial to your performance and you will suspect your ability. So we mustn’t possess such way of thinking. You not only push your customers, but also repress yourself. I hope we can change our way of thinking with the help of expert’s ideas.

Therefore, most of you will get confused again that if we can’t possess the thought of sell, what should you do? Don’t worry. According to my experiences and the discussion in the Circle of Friends, we should possess a thought of share.

The Idea Share means that we should never be positive to promote our products but share them with our customers so what values we can bring to our customers. We never force customers to buy something but share them with customers so what value-added services we can bring to customers. We never sell our products but share them with customers so we will show how unique we are. In this way, customers won’t feel stressed but comfortable. According to the psychology research, with this thought, customers will get comforts and be more willing and likely to accept what we share with them. We are not selling products, we are sharing the values of them. As for whether customers will place orders, it’s their rights to decide. We shouldn’t force them. They are not foolish. They know which suppliers are better. So we should know to share not sell.

In fact, for foreign traders, they should possess a good concept of foreign trade from the very beginning. Only it will bring you with more values. As a foreign trader, we should abandon thoughts that are not good enough and absorb thoughts that are good and make good use of them. Then we will be more outstanding as a foreign trader!

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