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How APPLE became the first trillion-dollar company in the world

  Today is August 4th, 2018. We will analyze Apple’s recent earnings report and how it became the first trillion-dollar company in the world. Triggered by […]

Why India matters little for Apple

NEW DELHI: Apple reported better than expected revenues of $53.3 billion and profits of $11.5 billion — a jump of 32 per cent — for the […]

Huawei has also made a move, and recently, Huawei United has launched “touch” payments,

Obviously, we have entered a mobile Internet era. When it comes to mobile payment representatives, everyone will think of Alipay and WeChat payment first. Later, UnionPay […]

Huawei’s market share outshines rival Apple

Huawei officially overtook Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung in the second quarter of 2018, according to a report released by […]
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