China Phone News


Huawei’s ‘GPU Turbo’ update should increase graphics performance

Huawei will be upgrading its smartphones with a technology called GPU Turbo, which should significantly increase graphics performance while consuming far less energy, the company announced […]

This year’s Android phones crush the iPhone X on data speeds

Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most advanced smartphones you can buy, successfully combining an edge-to-edge display, best-in-class cameras, fast performance, and a secure operating […]

FCC filing reveals new details on the RED Hydrogen One phone

RED’s radically different phone, the Hydrogen One, has been approved by the FCC, which probably means it’s getting ready for launch. The phone, which RED claims […]

Oppo hot sale phone firstly use Gorilla Glass 6

  Corning, cover glass supplier for Apple, Samsung and other device makers, recently said that  its ultrastrong Gorilla Glass 6 will make its debut on Oppo’s […]
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