Better Factory Service Quality

How should I do if my customer ignore me before ordering a batch of chargers?
Factory examination will decide the sales volume of our charger products

When we go shopping, we are concerned about the price as well as quality of products. Meanwhile, we attach importance to whether merchants can provide us with services to our own hearts’ desire..

For the same reason, as a seller, we are incapable of getting the so-called long-term orders provided that we can’t satisfy customers’ needs in a certain aspect or through the whole process.

Through the ages, compared to a foreign trade company, one of the advantages of a foreign trade factory is the low cost. The major part of cost is tied with the raw materials and without much price difference. It’s just a drop in the bucket. Then it means that the factory can moderately adjust the price according to the market in proper time and they have a wider range of price than the foreign trade company, making it be able to fix a price and handle risks like clockwork.

As a foreign trade factory, how can we beat the foreign trade company in service so as to seize market shares?

In the first place, the services we often mention can be divided into three parts: the pre-sale services, in-sale services and after-sale service from which we foreign traders can analyze.

What is called pre-sale services refers to investigations on target markets, grasp of customers’ information and product knowledge as well as promotion of products.

In a word, it includes the information gathering as well as the dissemination. Supposing that a foreign trade factory intend to concentrate efforts at the service, it should fix its eyes on pre-sale services. Don’t be frightened by the trouble as it prevents us from the subsequent bigger trouble potentially.

In-sale services means that we ought to introduce and show products to our customers, describing features or highlights of products in detail as well as clearing up customers’ doubts and disabusing them. The other side, we have got to respect our customers and provide customers with services on our own initiative instead of passively waiting for customers’ requirements. It’s quite a wrong behaviour with bad service attitude. Although customers may won’t point it out instantly or they even don’t realize that, it’s an original sin that you possess no advantages in this hyper-competitive atmosphere!

And speaking of after-sale services, they get complained a lot from customers. Although factories are able to have a better and greater control over the quality than foreign trade companies with the more professional technical services, most of the factories fail to realize the significance of this advantage and after-sale services. After customers purchase their products and afterwards market products to the local market and receive feedback from the end customers, they don’t know they ought to inquire the sales status of customers. It’s barely satisfactory if customers receive commendations instead of complaints, at least customers won’t bug you but it doesn’t signify that we can skip this process. Combining with our advantages, we should find out more information from customers to be clear of what end customers’ positive feedback exactly is so that we are competent to take them into consideration in the follow-up product research. After all, customers will sense out our speciality and a fact that we really care for their business instead of refusing to take responsibility after managing to market products and get paid.

There is no doubt that factories are required to assume a serious attitude provided that customers receive complaints more than compliments. They should accept the feedback and keep a good record of those complaints and try to avoid the reapparition of these problems in product research and manufacture.

Once cargoes get shipped, no matter how far it is, we are accountable for them till the end of the road. Perhaps we are able to draw our customers attention and profit a little, but it’s still a once-for-all deal in disguised form. Supposing that we fail to satisfy our customers on the service level, they are less likely to have the second cooperation with us. After-sale services is not the end but the start line for us to build lasting relationships with customers.

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