Being A Salesman Makes Me Be Confident

How can we do if customers doubt you are a trader?
What’s Wrong With My Quotation?

“This customer must be mine unless he doesn’t know how to do business.”The master of the story is Jack, a smart foreign trade salesman, who was good at “shameless” talk. No, he said it was so called confidence. He said if he didn’t have such kind of confidence, he won’t be the Top Sale today. His colleagues didn’t like him, thinking him as a poser. However, he can well serve the big brand customers every time, so nobody complained him.

However, Jack said, he used to be so self-abased and his self-abasement came from a teacher: “Jack, you are actually a clever boy. You are good at communicating with us. But with your academic achievement, you are impossible to enter the college. You can hardly do something in the society.” Because of this, Jack took the college examination for three years, and he seldom met his classmates and friends, studying at home every day. More regrettably, Jack’s examination result was worse year by year, and finally he entered a junior school that he hated.

Finally, in the year he started the internship, Jack’s life made some difference.

Find out the field that you are interested in and be willing to pay for, and try to be professional at that field

Jack started his internship in a foreign trade company. Being a small company, there was no platform or resource. Jack had to rely on his own. Jack’s boss was nice and taught Jack patiently. Jack told himself: Boss seldom directly taught others with patience. Now that I have the chance, I have to do something!

Therefore, Jack worked very hard. Without platform, he searched by GOOGLE, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK etc., and the shopping platform of each country. As long as there showed the chance to find the customer information, he would search completely, and then found out the key person information combining with each searching engine and chatting tool. He made sure send out more than 300 development letters each day with special characteristic for different customers, find out over30 customers with brands that can follow up with, and activate over 10 potential customers. If he could not make it, he would stay in the office till he reached the target. In this period of time, he almost stayed 24 hours a day in the office. He set up a goal for himself that he had to had one order each week. If he still had no order till Friday, then he would make phone call on weekend desperately. He spent all time on working till he had order. He said he had to make it!

Till now, Jack had more and more customers while some will even find him by their own. Jack knew he was somebody in this field. He felt that he was capable, and he was approved.

Actually, confidence is supported by ability.

Because of his profession, Jack became confident.

Some people said: “you are even poor at speaking. How can you be a salesman?”

Since Jack owned the stable customers, he no longer trusted other’s comment on him. Instead, he only knew to work hard for what he thought as right. He believed that as long as there was faith and persistence, people will be more outstanding no matter in what aspect. And this is where Jack’s confidence came from.

So do you know why others are accumulating success while you are accumulating for failure? Just find the answer by your own.

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