As A Foreign Charger Trader,One Customer Is not Enough

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Candie gave out sad shrill cries in the office after receiving the email from customer J. The customer informed Candie that the procurement plan in 2017 was all set in November and they had no considerations for Candie’s products. They might take Candie’s products into consideration since the next procurement plan will be started from April, 2018.  Candie felt deep regret that she hadn’t contacted the customer well before the procurement plan was put into practice so that she had to wait until they would set procurement plan next year.

Candie took 3 years to follow up customer J. And since customer J was from a large group company, so Candie spent a lot searching the principal in charge of procurement. Afterwards, the management of customer J’s company was reconstructed which meant that all the purchasing manager Candie had contacted had quit the job. Candie had no chices but to find a new purchasing manager. Candie happened to know the customer would drop by at Canton Fair on October so that Candie firmly seized the chances to contact the customer.

During the days at Canton Fair, Candie ceaselessly called and sent messages to the customer but the customer was unable to manage to find time to meet Candie. The night before the customer left, Candie eventually persuaded the customer to meet while it’s to no avail due to small twists and turns. Candie was not resigned to this and she should see the customer in any case. Hence, she discussed with her manager whether it’s possible to see customer at the hotel. The manager nodded and had Candie pack the related product models after she departed. Arriving at the lobby of hotel, the customer was surprised that Candie came with her manager. For there was no much time, Candie’ manager came to the point and promoted the related products. Through the efforts, the customer did have an interest in Candie’s company and the products so that the customer asked for sample tests. There was only one step away for Candie to succeed while she lost this opportunity in the end.

Actually, Candie regretted for the following reasons later

Lack of analysis on the customer’s purchasing progress and specific circumstance

Lack of divergent thinking to follow up customers

Fortunately, Candie came to her senses and got to know that the customer’s next procurement plan would be set at Canton Fair on April this year. At least, she managed to see the twilight coming. Many times, we often solely set eyes on one aspect when trying to follow up customers. We either wait or make every effort on it in vain. Nevertheless, we have got to discover the truth behind customers’ words and if we fail, we are supposed to have divergent thinking and try to find out the reasons behind so as to make further breakthrough.

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