Are Your Clients Friends Indeed?

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When I first worked in the foreign trade circle, my leaders taught me to treat clients sincerely and to make friends with them from the bottom of my heart.

What is from the bottom of my heart? For example, you care about not only the orders but also clients’ affairs earnestly but not superficially.

At the same time, I had witnessed many a business negotiation and their successful processes and skills, especially the deep friendship they made up during the cooperation processes. Among these friendships, many could be regarded as sworn friends.

Every time we launch high style or new products, some friends of my leaders are always the first one to stand out for support, which shows clients’ trust on leaders and recognition between friends. It’s not only caused by the maintenance of friendship but the attraction of charm of personality and recognition of their knowledge.

What’s more, some clients with cooperation for many years will be our mobile advertisements.

In this Canton Fair, a client of mine, D brought to our stall his friends F who engaged in a locally big brand and did our products. F happened to be a client I had been following up but failed to cooperate with. D didn’t know it but just brought F to us and introduced our company and products to F for he knew that F was interested in our products. After his introduction, the client placed an order without hesitation. I had followed up F for one or two years, but it turned to be true that the introduction made by D worked much more than what I had done, such as emails, phone calls and information.

I had made friends with D, and D had done that with F. Communications between friends are much stronger than words from strangers. It’s easy for us to make up a circle of friends by the relation of friends and gain some unexpected harvest.

My colleague also shared with me that he invited a client with cooperation of over one year to visit his stall in this Canton Fair. After changing his schedules several times, the client came to visit his company on the last day of the second session of Canton Fair. In the elevator, the client said that he visited us just for the sake of friendship and left after a few minutes for exhaustion without planning of reordering.

After the arrival of the client, our colleagues care about him as a friend such as serving tea and water, letting him to have a rest, and inquiring his plans in the future and so on. During reception, the client asked about the style of the last order and our colleagues answered it and introduced some new style to him by the way. We thought that the client would come back after the rest, but in fact, he didn’t. He was not only interested in our new style but also gave some advice of it. Later, the client inquired the price of the last order. At that moment, he told me that he had changed his original plan not to reorder. He analyzed his market condition and bargained with us for over one hour. Within two weeks, the client placed new orders to our two stalls. The reason of the short meeting shifted from the originally keeping friendship without reorder to new orders, which surprised us a lot. And all of these based on a meeting.

So my leaders tells me that do not haste to make deals with clients before making friends because these friends always can bring you unexpected help and support.

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