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We all know that it is really hard for the man who doesn’t work in the charger market to choose a car charger for themselves. In order to offer a better service, we decide to write some articles about reviewing different brand’s products.

Today we are going to compare Anker A2224 and JDB 6600.

Firstly, Anker A2224’s appearance is mainly black and with just a little red for embellishing.

Mentioning about the material, the part insert into the cigarette lighter is plastic and the other part is aluminium alloy.The picture below is the inside image.

There is a special function that it’s light will have different luminance when the output is changing. Anker A2224’s USB port is QC2.0+QC3.0 which means a faster charging speed. It’s max output is almost 70W and therefore,many persons call it the king of car charger.

According to our charging test,almost 15minutes it finished 30% charging task. There is also a deficiency that it’s size is a little big and not so convenient.

Now mentioning about the JDB 6600.The color of it is silver, it looks really cool  and it definitely caught many guys’ eyes.

It also have 2 USB ports both the output is 2.4A. Let it charge Samsung Galaxy S7 from 0% to 70% it need almost 50minutes.

Comparing to the best car charger, the speed is a little slow. The LED of it doesn’t work so good, the luminance is week and some reviewS in the network also mentioned this issue.

The next two graph is some features of this two products.

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