A Wrong Quotation For Your Phone Charger

Profit is not the only target for the charger salesman
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After taking costs, profits, market competitiveness into consideration, the supplier will offer feasible price of their phone charger to customers.

However, in practice, some careless foreign traders just make a wrong quotation inattentively. It’s not a big deal if you quote a high price as we can explain the situation to customers timely. Customers generally won’t take French leave supposing we explain it properly. But if we quote a lower price than the cost price and customers just accept it, we’ll be in a passive situation.

Just think when we go to buy something and we get a passable price, and the moment we are about to accept it, the sales makes an apology to you that he gets it wrong and the price is higher than you can even expect. What do you have in mind?

Likewise, our customers won’t be satisfied and suppose that the salespersons are rash and can’t even make a good quotation. It’s not strange for them to seek other suppliers. When it comes to the price, there is not much difference between your new customers and regular customers, the inexplicable rise in price will even drive away your regular customers.

Consequently, after we have confirmed that we quote a low price, we should at first calculate what the price difference is and check the normal cost to see if we will suffer losses.

Not a few people may think that we are doing business so we are not going to suffer any loss or bear any risk while since we have made a mistake and our customers are potential,it’s not a bad idea for us to make a temporary concession supposing that it doesn’t hit the floor price and we won’t suffer losses

But if the mistaken price is lower than the floor price, we are supposed to consider if it’s necessary for us to make concessions and increase the price for the subsequent orders. Well, it depends on our understanding of customers and whether they have intention of placing orders and whether they will accept the rise in price afterwards.

It’s the most difficult and practical problem for us to deal with. Despite the raise in price, customers will suppose that we are not professional and we may lose customers afterwards.

Indeed, we won’t feel good once we lose customers. But when we have judged that our customers are not qualified and have no intention of building long-term cooperation with us, there is no need for us to make business with them.

Foreign traders should consider various factors and handle it to superiors for inspection before making quotation.

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