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Sometimes, the development letter or new product recommendation letter sent by salesmen are hard to receive reply from customers. According to my personal experience, it is because the lack of cognition of customers or the poor attraction email title or wrong sending timing. When sending emails, you are the planner and designer as well as salesman. Therefore, you should think about how to make an attractive email or how to design an email to reach your expectation.

一,Firstly, people who read title are 5 times higher than those read the main body

It means that an email title is 5 times more attractive than the main body. It takes at most 5 minutes to read an email title with enough attraction among which the first two seconds gets the most attention. So if you want your customers to read your email, you should spend more time on the email title. In the aspect of planning, you should show your intention directly in the title to maximize your ideal effect.

二、Secondly, number 100 is more attractive than one hundred because it is more close to the reality

“Close to reality” is because it can be known more intuitively. Arabic numerals convey faster than text because of its understand limitation without borders and can reach the brain under habitual use. Therefore, the inclusions of Arabic number in title can increase the understanding speed and appeal of the readers. According to our national text standard, use Arabic Numbers as much as possible rather than Chinese numbers. It is the Arabic number principle which is much easier to understand.

三,Thirdly, 8-12 words in title is more easy to be memorized

Why do we have to be remembered by customers? That is the purpose we write the email, and it is also because of this purpose, we should make customers remember where we come from and what we sell from the title. When customers remember you and approve you, they will more accept your emails without deleting it as spam.

四,Fourth, colored mail is more effective than single color

Difference is one of the biggest attraction rather than the form. In regular mail, it requires to be formal. But you can also add color to the formal email, change the font to attract customers’ attention to your focus. Try to imagine that where your attention lies if 1 or 2 yellow ball is put into a pile of black balls? The yellow one or the black one? This is the effect of color.

五,Fifth, email with pictures is at least 20% more attractive than that without pictures

Picture is more powerful than words. It is always said that Picture speaks louder than words. If your title can attract customers to click your mail, and your email contains pictures, it will bring better result for you and let you more easy to understand when recommending products or explaining problems. But do remember not to put too many pictures in the main body but pay attention to your focus. In addition, pictures and words should be arranged neatly to let people have a comfortable feeling to continue reading.

Sending email is the thing that salesmen do every day. It is especially important to the newcomers. How to maximize your work requires your more attention. To allow more customers find you starts from email!

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